Specification  ACETIC ACID GLACIAL 100% ANALAR   VWRC20104

Specification Acetone  VWRC20066 , 99.8%, AnalaR NORMAPUR Pharmaceutical grade USP

Specification Acetone VWRC20067 Hipersolv

Specification Acetone VWRC83656 Hipersolv Pestinorm

Specification ACETONE TECH 99% VWRC20063

Specification acetonitrile  VWRC83639 , 99.95%, HiPerSolv Super Gradient Grade

Specification Acetonitrile  VWRC20060 , 99.9%, HiPerSolv CHROMANORM

Specification Acetomnitrile VWRC20071 , 99.5% AnalaR NORMAPUR, Pharmaceutical

Specification Aluminium potassium sulfate dodecahydrate ≥97% VWRC21098

Specification Ammmonia solution VWRC1133.1000 Analar Normapur

Specification Ammonia solution (ammonium hydroxide) VWRC 21190

Specification Anti-Bumping granules / Boiling stones VWRC330093Y


Specification Barium Chloride VWRC21716

Specification Buffer pH 4 colourless VWRC32095 AVS TITRINORM

Specification  BUFFER pH 4  RED  VWRC32044 AVS TITRINORM

Specification Buffer pH 7 green  VWRC32045  AVS TITRINORM 

Specification Buffer pH 7 colourless VWRC32096 AVS TITRINORM

Specification  Buffer ph 10 colourless  VWRC32040 AVS TITRINORM 


Specification Calcium Chloride dihydrate VWRC22317

Specification  Chloroform Analar Pharma  VWRC22711 99% ANALAR

Specification Citric acid monohydrate VWRC20276 , 99.7-100.5%, AnalaR NORMAPUR® ACS, USP, Reagent. Pharmaceutical.

Specification Conductivity standard 1413 µS/cm 1L (25 °C) VWRC84135

Specification Copper (II) sulfate.5H2O Analar VWRC23174 Pharmaceutical

Specification Cyclohexane AnalaR VWRC23224  Pharmaceutical


Specification Dichloromethane  VWRC23373 ,  99.8% stabilised, HiPerSolv for HPLC

Specification Dichloromethane VWRC83623 , 99.8% stabilised, HiPerSolv CHROMANORM® for HPLC

Specification Dimethyl sulphoxide  VWRC23500 , 99.5%, AnalaR NORMAPUR® analytical reagent


Specification Ethyl acetate  VWRC23882 - Ethyl acetate 99.5%, AnalaR

Specification Ethyl acetate 83621

Specification Ethylene glycol 24041


Grease 25g for taps and sockets, TECHNICAL VWRC24513

Specification Glycerine 24388


Specification Heptane 24539

Specification Heptane 24551

Specification  Hexane  VWRC24575 , 97%, HiPerSolv for HPLC

Specification Hexane 24577

Specification hexane 83661

Specification Hydrochloric acid 1 mol/l VWRC30024 1L (1 N), AVS TITRINORM Pharmaceutical Eur. USP, NF(Food grade) volumetric solution

Specification Hydrochloric acid 37% AnalaR Normapur VWRC20252 

Specification Hydrogen peroxide 23619


Specification magnesium Ribbon 25072

Specification Magnesium chloride  VWRC25108  , 99.0-101.0%, AnalaR NORMAPUR® ACS, Pharmaceutical. Eur. analytical reagent

Specification Magnesium Sulfate 25165

Specification Methanol  VWRC83638 , 99.9%  HiPerSolv for LC-MS & HPLC

Specification Methanol  VWRC20864 Hipersolv gradient grade suitable HPLC

Specification Methanol  VWRC20847 , 99.8% ANALAR


Specification Naphthyl ethylenediamine  .2HCl VWRC25792

Specification Nitric acid 20425


Specification Paraffin Liquid VWRC24679

Specification petroleum Spirits 40-60 VWRC23835

Specification Potassium Chloride VWRC26764

Specification Potassium dihydrogen phosphate VWRC26936

Specification Potassium hydroxide  VWRC26668  , 85.0-100.5%, pellets, AnalaR

Specification Potassium Sulfate VWRC26997

Specification Propan-2-ol AnalaR VWRC20842

Specification Propan-2-ol HiPerSolv VWRC20880


Specification Sand, acid washed VWRC27461

Specification Sodium Carbonate VWRC27771

Specificatio Sodium Chloride Technical VWRC27788 

Specification Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate VWRC27778

Specification Sodium hydroxide Analar VWRC28244.295

Specification Sodium Thiosulfate VWRC27910

Specification Sulfuric acid  95-97% VWRC20700


Specification Tetrahydrofuran  VWRC28559 - 99.7% HiPerSolv for HPLC

Specification THF VWRC28551

Specification Toluene VWRV83625

Specification Trifluoroacetic acid VWRC 84578

Specification TRIS VWRC103156X

Specification Trisodium Citrate VWRC27833


Specification Urea VWRC28877 99.5-100.5%, AnalaR NORMAPUR® ACS Phar... VWRC28877


Specification Water LC-MS VWRC83645

Specification Water Hipersolv VWRC23595

Specification Water Pharmaceutical VWRC90200


Specification Xylene VWRC28975  (mixture of isomers) 98.5%, AnalaR NO... 28975